Nutanix Karbon Image Missing

  • 3 October 2021
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I can create a kubernetes cluster but it is stuck at version 1.16 (Karbon 0.5 image). 

I am unable to refresh or see any new images from the Karbon Image tab. Karbon is running version 2.0.2.  I tried to create a K8’s cluster and then upgrade it but it also would not let me. 
When I try to download the latest version via the Karbonctl it tells me that it does not exist, and that the only existing version is the 0.5 image. 
This is a fresh PC installation with only karbon enabled, I have ran LCM on it numerous times to see if Karbon would upgrade to 2.2, but it will not. 

Any help on trying to get this to work would be greatly appreciated, I can provide logs as well if needed. 
Thanks :sweat_smile:

Screenshots attached as well. 


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