Nutanix Calm and VMware vRealize Orchestrator

  • 3 February 2018
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Nutanix Calm and VMware vRealize Orchestrator
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This post was authored by Vandana Rao, Director of Services Product Management

The recent release of AOS 5.5 introduced Nutanix Calm, which is an application orchestration and lifecycle management solution. Simply put, Calm orchestrates the provisioning, scaling and management of applications across multiple environments, making the entire IT infrastructure more agile and application centric. Calm empowers your team with self-service, dramatically streamlining daily operations and eliminating the wait for specialized resources. You can read more about Calm tech note.

Our Nutanix services consultant Dave Keefe created a demo to show customers how they can quickly build application blueprints in Calm for automating applications deployment and lifecycle management on their Nutanix Enterprise Cloud leveraging any external integrations developed in VMware vRealize Automation based cloud management solution. Many enterprise IT organizations are on a multi-year journey to provide a cloud-like experience to their internal customers, balancing on-prem and public cloud investments. Some of them have invested in vRealize suite to automate their business and technical processes for application management. The demo video shows how a custom application blueprint created in vRealize Automation (vRA) can be reproduced on Nutanix Calm.

The custom three-tier application using NGINX for the web tier, a custom application using node.js, and MongoDB was provisioned on vSphere through the vRealize portal. The same application can also be provisioned on AHV through Calm in Prism Central. It also leverages existing custom vRealize Orchestrator (vRO) workflows to automate infrastructure processes as-is by using REST APIs to call vRO workflows. In this demo, we demonstrate leveraging existing vRO integrations related to IPAM integration with InfoBlox, load balancer deployment and management with F5, Chef cookbooks to deploy NGINX and MongoDB, and ServiceNow ticketing integration. The demo also demonstrates lifecycle steps for the application, which eliminates manual handling of routine application management tasks.

Nutanix Services can help you successfully utilize the full functionality of Calm and your organization's existing investment in vRO. Reach out to your Nutanix rep or email us at to setup a customized briefing.

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How do you create a calm action/task to create an AHV snapshot of a VM?

If I create a VM how can I get a DNS record setup for the VM in Infoblox or would it be better to get the Infoblox to do the IPAM for the vlan
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@readuni1 I believe you are asking for help by responding to a blog entry: please contact Nutanix support directly.

It is on the Calm road map to provide deeper integration with AHV facilities, but you can accomplish this today. Briefly, you could create a "Snapshot" action, use the shell task on an existing machine to leverage Nutanix CLI tooling to take the snapshot or use an EScript task to exercise the Prism RESTful APIs, e.g.:

Also on the Calm road map is integration with Infoblox, but you can accomplish this today as well. For provisioning VMs with Infoblox, it depends on the what you're trying to accomplish. You can create dependencies on an existing machine, use similar task techniques (shell or EScript) to request provisioning the IP address and DNS record for what you need, parse the results into variables such as HOSTNAME and IPADDRESS, and then provide the results to the service VM provisioned in AHV with those variables in the appropriate VM Name and NIC IP address fields.

Thank you for your interest in Nutanix Calm, I advise you to learn more and contact our support.
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BTW Nutanix is hosting our first inaugural .NEXT Hackathon in May (8th -- to be specific). Learn more about the hackathon including categories and submit nominations if you are interested in getting involved at