Nutanix and NVIDIA Introduce Support for vGPU Software on Nutanix AHV

  • 8 December 2017
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Nutanix and NVIDIA Introduce Support for vGPU Software on Nutanix AHV
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This post was authored by Upasna Gupta, Product Marketing at Nutanix

Nutanix, a leader in enterprise cloud computing, and NVIDIA, the pioneer of GPU computing, have partnered to add support for NVIDIA virtual GPU (vGPU) solutions to AHV, Nutanix’s native, enterprise-grade hypervisor. Nutanix AHV offers a comprehensive virtualization solution that is tightly integrated into the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud OS and is delivered at no additional license cost. This integration now enables joint customers to leverage NVIDIA's graphics acceleration capabilities on Nutanix to consolidate a wide range of virtualized applications including the new generation graphics intensive 3D applications presented through VDI and hosted shared desktop stacks including Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop and others.

Nutanix’s support for NVIDIA vGPU software, includes support for GRID Virtual PC (GRID vPC) and GRID Virtual Applications (GRID vApps) and Quadro Virtual Data Center Workstation (Quadro vDWS) software, and Tesla M10 and M60 GPU accelerators on AHV. This greatly complements Nutanix’s highly distributed scale-out architecture that guarantees exceptional performance while eliminating infrastructure complexity. The combined solution serves VDI users across the digital workplace – from office workers who need better performance for their Windows 10 desktops to mobile employees and high end professional graphics users for purposes such as CAD applications and medical imaging.

Nutanix Enterprise Cloud has proven to be a preferred choice for critical workloads, including Virtual Desktop Infrastructure(VDI). From eliminating infrastructure silos to mitigating costs and complexity, Nutanix has broken all barriers to productivity and enhanced end-user computing experience. With this new integration, NVIDIA enables Nutanix to bring graphics acceleration to a new generation of cloud and datacenter VDI environments. Additionally, Nutanix will include NVIDIA virtual GPU management and monitoring capabilities in its Prism management plane. This functionality gives IT departments greater control and management of vGPU resources to simultaneously maximize performance, accelerate Windows 10 migration and lower VDI spend.

“From Windows 10 to CAD applications, graphics-acceleration is essential to deliver quality performance, productivity and user experience across the enterprise,” says Anne Hecht, Sr. Director Product Marketing for NVIDIA virtual GPU solutions. “With support for NVIDIA vGPU solutions, Nutanix’s high-density, scale-out architecture results in top-notch performance and reduced infrastructure footprint. The addition of Nutanix AHV for NVIDIA vGPU enables another enterprise-grade virtualization stack option for our customers.”

Nutanix AHV with support for NVIDIA vGPU is now available in Nutanix AOS 5.5. As we continue to build our solution, more deep dive blogs that include demos and screenshots will follow.

For more information about running NVIDIA vGPU on Nutanix, download our solution note.

Check out the NVIDIA GRID certified servers list.

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