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  • 15 November 2017
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I am getting an error about the source VM being not supported. The strange thing is it is in the list as possible supported VM's. Are there roles that are not supported (i.e. Domain Controller)? How does one obtain the logs to review? What are the checks it runs to ensure being supported for migration?

Actual Error:

The following vm(s): 'XXX-XXX' are not supported in the source inventory 'DTLA',please update your migration plan and remove these vms before proceeding.

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6 replies

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Can you please provide more details.


What OS and what is the application running in it
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Hi @kderenard2

Do you have any additional material to add?
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Hi @kderenard2 - did you make any progress on this or are you still facing the issue?
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Hi @kderenard2 Any update on this item?
Do you solve the issue?
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Hi @kderenard2

👉 We don't support moving over Domain Controllers using Move.

ESXi Migration Limitations
For ESXi, migration of 25 VMs in a plan is qualified and supported.

The following migrations are not recommended, but can be performed with some limitations.
  • Exchange should be migrated by installing newer versions of Exchange Server in parallel with existing production environments, then move user mailboxes from the old system to the new one. For best practices, see Step-by-step Exchange Migration.
  • Domain Controllers should be migrated by preparing a new domain controller, and then migrating the Flexible Single Master Operations (FSMO) roles. For best practices, see Microsoft best practices for migrating domain controllers.
  • SQL Server should be migrated by installing a new SQL Server, and then performing the migration operations. For best practices, see Microsoft SQL Server 2012 best practices.
  • Time taken for migration depends on the size of the VM, data churn rate within the VM during migration, and network bandwidth/connectivity between source and on-premises data center.