Need help? Identifying and Reporting X-Ray problems.

  • 6 July 2017
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Hello everyone! Thank you for becoming part of a growing community of X-Ray users. The X-Ray development team aims to deliver a seamless user experience. But sometimes things don't work as planned. Fortunately, X-Ray troubleshooting usually focuses on only a few areas.

Test Target Creation/Addition
Adding a test target is a three step process. In the first step, all target credentials and management IP addresses are entered. Then, steps two and three discover test targets and individual nodes, respectively. The most important or relevant error will be displayed in the UI, within the target creation dialog box. Please provide this error message when reporting an issue.

Failed Test Run
When a test's status shows as "Failed", there are two ways to collect the necessary information to identify the root cause. First, the most relevant error/exception can be viewed in the UI by selecting "Show Details" next to the status. A code block appears that contains the text of the test exception or error.


If the error shown in "Show Details" does not indicate a clear root cause, a more detailed analysis can be performed. A complete set of logs for any test can be collected by clicking on the actions pull down menu and selecting "Export Test as ZIP."




Reporting a Problem
The primary avenue for support is via the X-Ray Community Forum. Please create a new post and provide the following:




  • Some background regarding the nature of the problem.
  • Test target HW information including number of nodes, make/model, memory/CPU/storage, and software versions
  • Errors from UI (collect as described above)
  • Test log ZIP file.
  • A screenshot if the problem is related to the UI or helps describe the problem.

Common Issues for Test Target Creation



  • Incorrect usernames and passwords for target credentials. If unsure of correct credentials, please verify by logging into test target nodes or the management UI (Prism, vCenter.)
  • Network connectivity issues between the X-Ray VM and the test target. Please verify that the X-Ray VM can communicate with lights out management interface for each node (IPMI, DRAC, iLO, etc.) and the management server. Successful communication with one component of the test target does not necessarily mean successful communication with another component of the test target. Verify correct VLANs and virtual networks for all components and the X-Ray VM.

Common Issues for Test Failures



  • Change in network topology or test target usernames/passwords after test target was added to X-Ray.
  • Insufficient resources. For example, a smaller test target with insufficient memory may cause VDI test scenarios to fail.
  • Running a test scenario that requires IPMI/DRAC/iLO power management actions to complete. A test target can be configured without providing node power mangement credentials. Avoid running tests that require access to the node power management interface.

Thanks and happy testing!



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