NCC upgrade stuck in prism - Upgrade already competed to 2.3.0

  • 26 October 2016
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I have a cluster of 3. I've rebuilt the node that the task is saying its stuck at 66%.
Is there a command to clear all tasks from prism? The details of the task are below.
I'v tried looking for the task through ncli task ls, but it doesn't list the queued task that prism is showing.

Downloading NCC on from peer - 100%Installing NCC on - 100%Waiting for restart Cluster Health Service and upgrade completion on - 0%

Best answer by Mattisin 31 October 2016, 18:29

I was able to use "progress_monitor_cli -fetchall" and "progress_monitor_cli --entity_id= --operation= --entity_type= --delete" to solve my issue.
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6 replies

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NCC 2.3.0 is the latest version on CE. There is no upgrade available. Upgrade failure is a Prism bug. On the NCC upgrade screen change to versions and the alert will go away.
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Thanks for your input :)

The NCC upgrde screen is just showing the progress of the current NCC upgrade, which is the one that is stuck.

I've since installed NCC the manual way, but the failed upgrade remains in the tasks as "queued", and I have no option to stop it.

I'm thinking there must be a command to force the task to stop and clear it out.
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I was able to use "progress_monitor_cli -fetchall" and "progress_monitor_cli --entity_id= --operation= --entity_type= --delete" to solve my issue.
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What was the command u passed?
I tried
progress_monitor_cli --entity_id=6 --operation=kUpgrade_NCC --entity_type=kNode --delete
and it doesnt work, i get unknown operation
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Sadly I have a similar issue and the same results. Unknown operation... Thoughts from the community?

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Guess I shoud have checked the Nutanix bible first!

NOTE: operation and entity_type should be all lowercase with k removed from the begining