Minimum RPO in Async replication

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we are going to partecipate to a RFP where they ask a maximum RPO of 30 minutes and a maximum RTO of 20 minutes for Async Replication.

Now the latest "Data Protection and Disaster Recovery Guide" dated Dec 2016 still states the old 1 hour minimum RPO. Does the 5.0 brings some improvement on this side? And, alternatively is there any workaround to meet this customer request ?

Thanks in advance


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cc MarkNijmeijer and dlink7
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Steve, will send you a private message with some more information.
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Please share the information with me as well.
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Can anyone share the info for me as well. My customer also looking for RTO and RPO below 1 hour. Any other way beside using metro availability?
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Not yet.....
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Not yet, indeed. Are you planning to come to .NEXT perhaps?
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So, thats mean for RTO and RPO below 1 hour, we need to use Metro Availability?

Yes, I am planning to come to .NEXT. Will there any new update for async during .NEXT?
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We're planning to make some announcements in this area, indeed.
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Dunno what you have in store but i've always wanted a doubletake, neverfail like equivilient native in NOS where you have asynch replication in 'real time' with a memory write then disk write buffer if the network can't keep up. We are on Hyper-V and i'm sure any new feature will be a long ways away for it.
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I also noticed 1 minute RPO's on

It was also anounced at .next 2017.

What version will we need to be on? Will we need to have an Ultimate License?