Looking Back To Go Forward on the AHV Journey …

  • 13 July 2017
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Looking Back To Go Forward on the AHV Journey …
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This post was authored by Mark Nijmeijer, Principal Product Manager – Data Protection at Nutanix and Charu Madan, Director Strategic Alliances at Nutanix

“Are we there yet?…”

Sounds familiar, right? You’ve just started a road trip with your kids, you hop on the freeway and they ask – “are we there yet?” The typical response is something like, “Of course we’re not there yet, but we are well on our way!”

Here at Nutanix, we see a similar parallel with AHV. We’re on a journey and our customers always want to know when we’ll “be there.” For us, the destination is having a robust, full-fledged eco-system built around our hypervisor, AHV. Together with our Nutanix Elevate partners, we are well on our way to building that eco-system and bringing forth real value-add, API-driven solutions for joint customers and resellers.

As AHV continues to gain market share, becoming the preferred hypervisor for enterprises and Tier 1 workloads, growing the data protection eco-system for AHV is even more important. The majority of enterprise customers have a very well thought out data protection strategy for applications running in their data centers. Existing data protection vendors are well established within these organizations, with typically only a single vendor providing all data protection for the entire company.

In keeping with our philosophy of giving customers choice, Nutanix has created APIs to enable third parties to develop native integrations with AHV. We started the journey of data protection for AHV with Commvault, who was the first partner to champion the development of an integrated Nutanix Ready solution with AHV. We have come a long way together since then, solving customer pain points and carving out the AHV data protection story as its inaugural partner. As we look back, we want to thank Commvault for their leadership and innovation.

But then, what a difference a year has made! With the announcements from last week’s .NEXT event like Xi Cloud Services and the Google Cloud Platform Platform partnership, it becomes apparent that Nutanix has successfully embarked upon its journey to make infrastructure invisible with One OS, One Click. We are extremely honored that the following data protection partners have joined us on our journey:
  • Commvault, as mentioned above, was the first vendor to integrate with Nutanix to support native snapshots with AHV. It is a mature solution that continues to evolve and integrate deeper with the Nutanix platform, providing backup and recovery for modern, scalable, private cloud environments. It is optimized for workloads across different hypervisors, systems, and clouds. Commvault is well-positioned to protect top tier, mission critical business applications thus ensuring business continuity and peace of mind for our customers
  • Veeam Co-CEO Peter McKay joined Nutanix President, Sudheesh Nair, on stage at .NEXT in Washington D.C. to announce that the upcoming Veeam Availability Suite will become the premier availability solution for virtualized workloads running on AHV. Veeam will provide an agentless solution to ensure the highest levels of availability and data protection for all applications and data
  • Comtrade announced HYCU, a purpose-built backup solution for Nutanix, last week. HYCU, which stands for HYperConverged Uptime, is a very easy-to-install and manage, application-aware, hypervisor-agnostic backup solution that integrates with the Nutanix Distributed Storage Fabric snapshots, and is able to backup to existing NAS, SAN and the cloud.
  • Rubrik announced support for AHV in the Rubrik Alta Rubrik provides end-to-end data management for all applications running in the heterogenous datacenter, and allows admins to securely access data instantly, automate protection policies, and orchestrate data across multi-hypervisor environments, including AHV.
  • Druva delivers a cloud-first approach for backup, archival and disaster recovery, simplifying infrastructure complexity and offering a highly secure and cost-effective answer to data protection. Druva is currently working on integrating with AHV APIs.

As you can imagine from seeing this list, we are thrilled to have an impressive list of ecosystem partners in the backup and data protection space who have extended their support and accompany us in the journey to Enterprise Cloud.

Some competitors may claim that their platform can provide all essential backup and restore capabilities, but we at Nutanix have a different viewpoint. While Nutanix AOS has foundational data protection features, such as snapshots, replication and intuitive DR workflows, our integration with the aforementioned partners complements our native functionality with the following core backup features:
  • The principle of 3, 2, 1 - three copies of your data, on two different media, and one copy offsite.
  • Indexing and Cataloging - the ability to build a detailed database of data contents as you are backing up the data.
  • Application awareness - building on #2, the ability to discover applications and hook into the application functionality to make sure it gets backed up and restored correctly, consistently and efficiently.

We are excited about the interesting discussions we expect to have over the next few months with customers as well as our Elevate partners to share how we envision our ability to fully protect any workload in the true hybrid cloud.

As Dheeraj said in his most recent The Cube interview: “There is no finish line in building this company.” So buckle up and stay tuned as we continue to grow the data protection ecosystem. Look forward to more blogs that will dive into more details on the Nutanix data protection features and strategy!

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