• 16 August 2017
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Dear Friends,

currently i have a nutanix cluster created for POC in the customer environment.and now new cluster is created for customer environment and i want to move vm from nutanix cluster in poc to new nutanix cluster.
if i am using seperate vlan for the live migration in new nutanix cluster then is it possible to do live migration or is it required that live migration to be on same vlan or subnet?or if there is a routing between two vlans then can we do live migration.

Thanks in advance

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3 replies

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What Hypervisor are you running?
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windows 2012R2 Hyperv
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So long as the designated live migration interfaces on each cluster can communicate with each other, you should be able to do a Shared Nothing live migration. In your case the live migration VLANs may simply need routing between them.