JSON metadata for new Prism Central?

  • 26 February 2018
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Now, there's a strong chance I'm an idiot, and just missing it completely. But where can I find the metadata.json file for the latest release of Prism Central?

I got the 20180131 AOS upgrade and the zipped metadata file from, successfully upgraded both my clusters (though a few of my VMs crashed, which is mildly annoying).

Then I downloaded the ce-pc-deploy-2018.01.31.tar Prism Central file. The download page says:

Prism Central [Use .tar and .json from zip to 1-click Deploy through Prism]

So I have the tar, but don't see the json. I untarred the file to see if it might be in it, but it just contains the two qcow boot and home disks. I tried using the same metadata file I used for the AOS upgrade, but that's not the right one either.

Where do I get the PC metadata json? Thanks!

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2 replies

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Nevermind, I *am* an idiot. There's a "PC" directory that the tarball contained that I completely failed to notice. Ignore the fool behind the curtain...
If you want to review metadata JSON file I would recommends to check out