Issues trying to copy 4GB or send 4GB Image ISO file (its Windows 2012 R2 ISO) to CIFS Share.

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Has anyone had issues trying to upload any image file on nutanix CE larger than 4GB? I have tried everything. Copying VIA CIFS, Winscp and even NFS. It gives either access denied or out of space issue. Smaller files work fine but anything over 4GB has either access denied or states its out of space.

Also 2016 Seems to not work as well. Just hangs on installation.

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What version of CE are you using?
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I personally have had no issue with uploading 16GB old kvm raw disk into CE cluster and migrate it into CE VM. I just don't remember did I use TotalCommander plugin or linux sftp command.
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I had problems with Edge browser when uploading ISOs/VMs, but Chrome was fine.