ISO wont boot.

  • 16 April 2018
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Hi All,

I have just downloaded the CE 5.5 from the forum (CE 2018.01.31). I have tried to write the img to a usb but if fails to boot on my Dell r410. Just stays on a flashing cursor and never boots. I copier the img file directly and tried to boot inside Virtual box but it says File system format unknown. I have re downloaded the file again and have the same issue.

Just tired to download on another PC and same issue again. Any ideas please?

I have followed the guide here

and also here



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2 replies

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I assume that you followed the procedure in the video you mentioned; therefore I'd check the following items:
  • verify the downloaded image checksums, are they correct?
  • is the image correctly written to the USB drive? (e.g. what did you use for writing the image?); is the USB drive bootable?
  • does the image boot on a different machine (non Dell R410)?
  • check the BIOS settings (boot settings/order, disk controllers) ; any RAID settings that could cause issues?
  • check for any r410 topics in this forum, e.g. I found;; etc.)
Thanks for the quick reply.

I have tried the usb in my NUC and it boots. So this must be something with the R410. Its back to default bios, no raid using on board sas controller. Still getting flashing cursor after the boot then nothing.