I have Successfully passed the NPP Certification Exam. What are my next steps in certification?

  • 25 January 2017
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Nutanix is a technology that really gets me going. I am an IT Engineer in a typical/a-typical 3 teir architecture and really see the opportunity for multiple clusters to replace the infrastructure that we currently have in place. I have decided that the best way for me to champion this idea is to train extensively on the Nutanix platform. Now that I have Passed my NPP what should I focus on next? Sales or support. Although I have background in both my current role would put me into a support role, but only if management were to buy into the technology. I imagine that it wouldn't be too bad to work on both but wanted to get some feedback from the community.


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6 replies

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Congratulation on passing NPP.The next level of certification on technical side is Nutanix Support Specialist (NSS).If you are looking to learn about how all components work in dept you should be doing NSS.The NSS certifcation is designed for people who want to learn how to administrate a Nutanix Cluster on day to day basis.

Our Sales Certification are desgined for people and patners who are looking to sell our product .

Team Nutanix
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So the question is how do you get to the NSS training and certification areas?

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I actually passed my NPP 5.0 yesterday. Its much harder than 4.5 and I failed a couple of times, passing on the very last attempt. Too bad there isn't a forum to discuss the questions because I barely passed and I have to wonder where I'm missing as the exam doesn't give the right answers.

What makes it even harder is that the questions aren't researchable in the training or the official documentation. I dislike this part as I'm not sure how they designed the questions. Oh well...I guess I'm NPP for 6 months until the next round.

Where the heck do you find official docs on the erasure coding? This will be on the exam for sure, but the question is not about it in general. Its very detailed, so I need some more docs to explain this. I hunted around, but couldn't find any. The VIDEO is where I found some answers, so make sure you watch (and rewatch) those videos!

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Hi andrewn,

Please suggest & share details to pass NPP 5. I tried to pass but no luck for me.

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The exam is difficult but passable, barely. When you complete all the modules and ready to take the exam pay attention to the videos that are extra. I swear there are 3-5 questions but you have to watch all of them.
the next part is the pdf for all the labs. review this document as well before taking the exam as it will help too.
Have you used up all your 5 attempts? Hang in there as I passed on my 6th try!
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Erasure coding video, you may need to follow some docs from internet http://nuschool.nutanix.com/#/contents/742461307505848455/742461364305077284 --Umakanta