HP DL360 G7 and CE

I'm tring install CE (last version) on my HP DL360 G7
Server having two CPU - 1xSSD (bay1), 1-HDD 600GB SAS bay2 and 1-HDD 600GB SAS bay3
I setuped raid0 for all HDDS
SSD - will be hot data
bay2 HDD - OS
bay3 - for cold Data

So when i'm typed installed, seems system checks HDDs and inform me that i do not have any HDDs :(

but why ?
Or do not need create raid0 and SAS and SSD hdds ?

Can you please help me ?


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Hdds on server

and here is error:

seems and Nunatix do not support HP servers 😞
after some research .. i got :
INFO: Executing performance tests on disks. Please expect a 10-30 second delay per device.
INFO: Nutanix Community Edition cannot be installed on this hardware. Reason:
INFO: Traceback (most recent call last):
File "./phoenix", line 63, in main
File "/phoenix/", line 243, in checkMinimumRequirements
File "/phoenix/", line 141, in CE_checkDisks
CE_checkDisks(disk_filter=disklist, with_test_ssd=True)
File "/phoenix/", line 152, in CE_checkDisks
"requirements was not found.\n\n%s" % info)
MinimumRequirementsError: A set of disks matching the minimum requirements was not found.

Found the following disks:
sda: Model [LOGICAL VOLUME], Size [600.09] GB, Serial [500143801718A050], Type [hdd], R/W IOPS: [528/433]
sdb: Model [LOGICAL VOLUME], Size [500.07] GB, Serial [500143801718A050], Type [hdd], R/W IOPS: [25505/2801]
sdc: Model [LOGICAL VOLUME], Size [600.09] GB, Serial [500143801718A050], Type [hdd], R/W IOPS: [531/430]

Installation did not succeed.
Press to return to the login prompt.

Any help with it ?
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HP DL360 has known issues, there are several threads discussing them, search the forum for "HP DL360" or maybe just "DL360" . For example the following thread where the first poster collected some material in one post:
Note that different DL360 generations may have different issues, but some ideas from these threads may help you as well.
Big thx :)
What i did:
Download hpacuaoffline and recreate RAID0
after that - I did
echo 0 > /sys/block/sdc/queue/rotational
and installion is complete