How to install AFS in Nutanix CE 2017.05.22?

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Just installed homelab with 3 nodes cluster of Nutanix CE. It is awesome!

But I can't figure the way to install AFS. Release notes for 2017.02.23 CE say:
AFS is now available with 1 click download from Prism > Upgrade Software > File Server. You must be on the latest CE to see the download.

When I visit this page - File Server is not available to download.

How to enable AFS in the current Nutanix CE?

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Looking for same! /Following
Searching for the same
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Anyone find an answer yet?
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I find it really odd that this has been missing for a month and a half without a peep from anyone at Nutanix.
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Same - can't find it anywhere
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Hi Everyone,

Nutanix guy here.. Sorry I dont have an answer for this but I have emailed the CE team to see if they can help.
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Thanks Nutanix Guy 🙂
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Not appearing in 06.27 either 😞
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I heard a rumor that you have to install all the extras from this page, and AFS should appear. Haven't checked it yet.
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Sorry folks - this was an oversight on my part. As we release new CE versions those versions have to get communicated to the team that manages the release metadata so that the corresponding AFS version is available to download. I'm just back in the office from vacation today so if it doesn't show up today, it should by tomorrow. Thanks for your patience!

Edit: No extras should be required.
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Still dont see a way to deploy it. Should it be available in the Upgrade Software Wizard?
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would like to know as well... it appears that the metadata file needs to be modified to install AFS, at least in version 2017.05.22 for CE
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Also not seeing anything today 😞
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Still not seeing a way to get AFS on CE?? Would really like this feature.
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I'm on 2017.07.20 release and still no AFS. Has anyone figured out how to acquire these files? Can't find a lick of them in these forums either.

Thanks in advance!
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I am looking for this also, I want to test in CE before deploying in production!