Foundation failed on Nutanix nodes with error log shown in details.

  • 20 June 2017
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Kindly advise and assist please my fellow Nutanix universe techies.
Do not ask what version or what iso i am using as i am NSS and pinpoint issue is due to the specific block. (A block with 2 nodes) NX-6220.
Please see through my logs screenshot shown above and let me know how i can resolve to complete the installation.
Thank you fellow mates.

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2 replies

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Very sorry for the delay on this, but I'll give a try...Yes, this does not look like an ISO issue. The error indicates this is a timeout during or after the loading of packages and the reboot of the CVM after phoenix completes its imaging. - Did the Phoenix ISO get Plugged-out from the IPMI's CDROM/ISO virtual device? - Did the node boot into the hypervisor? - if so, there should be a first_boot.log to inspect (exact location depends on the specific hypervisor). - Might there have been any network slowness accessing the IPMI?There have been reports of non-reproduceable timeout errors of this sort, some of which suggest either network timeouts, or delays from certain Hypervisor versions. But that should not be consistent.If this is consistently occurring for the NX-6220, I would recommend trying a different version of Foundation, as 3.7.2, 3.8, and 3.9 are now available.Otherwise, if this is still occurring, it might be worth opening a case to investigate, as some Foundation/Phoenix issues can be rather involved.
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Hi KonYew,

Hope you are doing good.

1. You can try to install the vib manually which may help in finding the reason of failure.
2. Please confirm the ISO version from compatibility matrix in support portal and make sure md5 sum is matching.
3. If this is a specific issue to NX-6220, Please let us know the Foundation version and Hypervisor version so that I can reproduce this issue in my lab.

We may need a support case to analyse the first_boot.log of the host

Please let me know if you have any queries on this