Field Install guide for DELL XC 630

  • 27 October 2017
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COuld some body please help with field install guide for DELL XC 630 servers and how we can use foundation server to install and build cluster. I have access to partner portal but unable to find specific documentation for their install.


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You can refer to the field installation guide here: (Assuming you have access to Nutanix Portal).
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Field installation of Dell servers by Foundation VM is almost the same with Nutanix with a little bit difference as you have to connect both iDRAC and 10Gb ports (recommended to use 10Gb port) into the same network segment.
Then just make sure that you fill in the correct username and password of iDRAC (default is root/calvin)

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The first things in the Dell XC deployment guide is to setup some things in the BIOS.1. Set the system profile to Performance (BIOS).

2. Check time configuration in (BIOS)
Leave everything else default!

After the BIOS settings, we configured Idrac and did the Nutanix installation at the office.
The fastest way for us was install a clean ESXi from the Dell ISO. Set the username for ESXi to root and nutanix/4u as password.

Install the phoenix ISO for installing Nutanix on top of your ESXi installation. You can create your own Phoenix iso from:
Or let an Dell Engineer create a Phoenix ISO for you. Maybe you can do this trough Dell Support?