Explore The Enterprise cloud for Microsoft Environments

  • 4 January 2017
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Explore The Enterprise cloud for Microsoft Environments
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Watch this technical session to explore how datacenter infrastructure is evolving to hyperconverged infrastructure and on to enterprise clouds, and how IT organizations large and small can get the best of both public and private cloud infrastructure for workloads, including tier 1 SQL Server databases supporting critical applications, email and collaboration, VDI and app virtualization, big data and more.

mmcghee and cbrown explore real world examples on how to move to a hybrid model using Nutanix enterprise cloud platforms and Microsoft Azure, leveraging tools including Windows Azure Pack, System Center and Nutanix Acropolis APIs. Also hear the discussion on future trends and technologies and a walk through best practices to get started.

This was recorded at Microsoft Ignite 2016 and is available along with others at the Microsoft Ignite YouTube Channel, Check it out today.

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Would like to see more videos on adding and removing nodes from an existing Nutanix cluster
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Great session aluciani. Looking for more videos. 🙂