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Welcome to Nutanix Community Edition, this is where you will find the download bits for Community Edition (CE)

If you are contemplating use of Nutanix for business and production use, we highly recommend engaging in an actual POC with the partner or Nutanix account teams. The Community Edition is a technology demonstrator, and is not a replacement for production Acropolis devices, irrespective of the unavailability of enterprise support for the CE software.

👉 Reminder: To activate your copy of Community Edition (CE), please ensure you have registered it

Nutanix CE Software
Current GA Code: CE 2019.11.22 see below for download bits

Documentation and Guides

Getting Started
Getting Started with Nutanix Community Edition
Installing Community Edition (video)

Nested Virtualization
6 Nested Virtualization Resources To Get You Started With Community Edition


Nutanix Public Documentation
Prism Element Web Console Guide
Prism Central Guide (includes Installing Prism Central on AHV) Video Guides
Networking in Nutanix Acropolis YouTube channel (Technical topics)

Nutanix Platform Professional Certification
Learn about our Nutanix platform administration course, available in different formats to fit your needs. Email for more information.

Download Filenames and MD5's

👉 Reminder: To activate your copy of Community Edition (CE), please ensure you have registered at


Disk Image-based Full Install



Metadata for AOS, AHV upgrades and PC deployment



AOS Upgrade



AHV Upgrade



Prism Central Deployment



Prism Central Upgrade



Latest VirtIO Drivers Version 1.1.5

MSI Installer for VirtIO v1.1.5


ISO Installer for VirtIO v1.1.5


Latest Citrix AHV Plugin 2.5 (MCS and PVS plugins)


Latest Citrix Director Plugin Version


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