dinCloud Builds X-Powered Desktop, DR, and Private Cloud as a Service on Nutanix Infrastructure

  • 11 June 2018
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dinCloud Builds X-Powered Desktop, DR, and Private Cloud as a Service on Nutanix Infrastructure
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This guest post was authored by Ali Din, CMO, dinCloud

As the pace of digital transformation accelerates, many companies are looking for cloud partners that can help them expand IT services and adapt to market changes more quickly. Increasingly, overworked IT teams are turning to cloud service providers to help address these challenges. Service providers offer a greater level of customization, service, and support than the big public clouds, so they can more closely meets your needs, reducing the burden on your team. In addition, many providers are more flexible and can better support your needs, including unique regulatory requirements.

For example, here at dinCloud we’ve been helping customers across several industries mobilize their workforces and reach new customers since 2011. We specialize in health/sciences and financial services and also have expertise in higher education, legal, and retail. While dinCloud initially focused on desktop as a service (DaaS), today we also offer services that include hosted private cloud and infrastructure as a service (IaaS) as well as disaster recovery (DR). Nutanix is our infrastructure partner for these services.

Why Nutanix Enterprise Cloud?

To satisfy dinCloud’s growing infrastructure needs, we decided a while back to move away from a SAN-based architecture to hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI). Nutanix Enterprise Cloud was chosen for its great flexibility. The Nutanix architecture is ideally suited to our needs, delivering both the performance and reliability we need while keeping management overhead to a minimum. As a Nutanix X-Powered Service Provider, dinCloud—and our customers—benefit from the power of the Nutanix ecosystem, including non-disruptive upgrades, self-healing, and deep operational visibility.

Nutanix’s native hypervisor, AHV, comes with the purchase price, so there are no additional virtualization licensing fees to add to our costs. Because AHV is tightly integrated with both the Nutanix environment and the Citrix environment, it’s extremely easy to manage and delivers all the features we need.

Nutanix also provides a complete set of management APIs that made integration with our cloud orchestration platform, dinManage, much easier than with previous platforms. We’ve been able to integrate value-added Nutanix features including snapshots and replication for DR and make them directly accessible to customers.

Hosted Workspaces

Virtualized desktops are rapidly becoming a better option than physical desktops for many companies. Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) makes modern workers more productive, enabling access to desktops and important applications from any device and from almost any location. Virtual desktops also enhance security, protecting your organization from ransomware and loss or theft of your intellectual property. By eliminating the headaches that come with managing physical desktops and laptops, virtual desktops can also make your IT operations more efficient.

Should You Virtualize Your Desktop or Application Environment?

While there are many reasons to virtualize your desktops, it can be extremely valuable for companies that have the following challenges:
  • Supporting remote workers. Virtualization is ideal when there’s no IT staff nearby. For example, if a remote user picks up a virus, you can just quarantine the user’s desktop and reissue another desktop with minimal fuss.
  • High employee churn. Environments such as call centers may have high turnover. It’s fast and easy to get a new employee set up with a virtual desktop—and just as easy to take away access if someone leaves. It’s not only more secure, it’s more efficient in both cost and time spent.
  • BYOD and contractors. With virtual desktops, employees can gain secure access to company resources from almost any device; you can grant contractors access and have it terminated immediately when the contract ends.
  • Mergers and acquisitions. Virtual desktops are often the best way to onboard large numbers of new users when a merger happens.
There are several options for getting a virtual desktop environment up and running. Naturally, you can design, deploy, and operate it yourself. However, given the demands on IT teams today, many companies are choosing to work with a service provider like dinCloud that can provide desktop as a service (DaaS).

At dinCloud, we work hard to address unique requirements to give busy IT teams maximum flexibility. As a Citrix Ready cloud service provider, we offer a variety of hosted workspace and hosted application offerings that provide customizable levels of security and different options of service. You can choose from managed services, co-managed, or self-service. Flat-rate pricing is based entirely on the number of users, ensuring you know what your bill is going to be at the end of the month with no surprises.

Cloud Infrastructure Services

In addition to our hosted workspace offerings, dinCloud has a variety of cloud infrastructure services built on the Nutanix platform including:
  • dinServer. Our virtual private server solution is built on dinCloud’s hosted private cloud and designed to improve performance, security and efficiency. A robust architecture includes built-in virtual and physical security measures. You can rapidly migrate infrastructure to the cloud and spin servers up or down on the fly.
  • dinSQL. dinCloud can help you migrate databases from an aging SQL platform, with managed services to help maintain your database in the cloud. Cloud instances can serve as primaries or as backups to support your business continuity/disaster recovery needs.
The success of a cloud migration is dependent on more than just infrastructure. Whatever cloud options you choose, ongoing support helps you customize your dinCloud environment to meet unique requirements and satisfy key performance metrics.

Disaster Recovery for Nutanix Customers

The move to Nutanix Enterprise Cloud makes it possible for dinCloud to offer Nutanix-native DR services. If you’re running Nutanix infrastructure on-premises, you can replicate VMs from your systems to dinCloud datacenters to satisfy your DR requirements without the need to maintain a separate DR site—and without installing any additional third-party software in your datacenter.

A recent study found that 73% of companies are failing when it comes to disaster readiness. Don’t let your company be one if these. Nutanix and dinCloud make it easier and more affordable than ever to implement DR.

Find Out More

dinCloud was named a finalist in the Cloud Transformer category at the recent Nutanix .NEXT Conference in New Orleans. dinCloud services are available through our network of Value-Added Resellers (VARs) and Managed Service Providers (MSPs). To find out more about our services, visit

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