Daily Health Check Report

  • 29 August 2016
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This is something I have been working on for a little bit.

nodetool -h 0 ringgenesis statuscluster statusallssh df -hncli alerts lsSend-NTNXEmailUsingSmtpServer -Recipient someone@xyz.com -Subject DailyHealth

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2 replies

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Is this "health check" based on advices from the support or is this based on your experience?

Could you briefly describe why exactly you used this command. Some may not be so obvoius.

lets says:
allssh df -h
Did it happen in the past that a root partition run out of space or something?

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Power shell script to query Nutanix cluster:

Get-NTNXContainer | select @{name="Container_ID";expression={$_.id.substring($_.id.indexof(":") + 2)}},Name,@{name="Free_Space_[kb]";expression={((Get-NTNXContainerStat -id ($_.id.substring($_.id.indexof(":") + 2)) -Metrics storage.user_free_bytes).values)}}