CVM nutanix user password on a cluster

  • 4 July 2016
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I wonder: As Nutanix is using keys for all the cluster trafic, why is it mandatory that all the nutanix users on the CVMs use the same password ?

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4 replies

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Well. Seems everybody is on holidays already 🙂 Bunch of lucky b.... ;-)

Anyway. If anyone has an input on this, would love to read it.
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I would highly appreciate if someone could clarify this.
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How can you confirm cvm password must be same across whole cluster ? I just consider it a best practice. If I`m wrong, I dont think it`s necessary to config different password.
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cvms with different passwords can still work as long as you don't reboot them. not sure what the impact will be if you change the password for just one cvm and reboot it. i have already done changing of cvm passwords for a few times and there was one time i couldn't recall the password I changed haha. thanks to nutanix support I was able to reset the cvm password without impact to the rest of the nodes.

The link below is a reference command line on how to change all the cvm and ipmi passwords across the nodes in the same cluster. i use it to automate changing of passwords, it beats doing it one by one manually especially you have many nodes.