Bridging Edge and Cloud: A New Partnership to Modernize Enterprise File Services

  • 1 November 2018
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Bridging Edge and Cloud:  A New Partnership to Modernize Enterprise File Services
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This post was authored by Oded Nagel, Chief Strategy Officer at CTERA Networks

We’re excited today to formally unveil a partnership between Nutanix and CTERA, an alliance we believe will revolutionize how enterprise IT manages file services delivery across distributed locations and users.

This partnership is driven by the synergies that exist within the Nutanix and CTERA platforms. The Nutanix Enterprise Cloud powers remote applications while reducing legacy hardware footprint and simplifying remote IT management. CTERA complements that by integrating with both Nutanix Acropolis appliances and Nutanix Enterprise Cloud OS to deliver consistent file access, sharing, and collaboration on a global scale.

And why do we believe the Nutanix-CTERA partnership is primed for success?

Because enterprise and government organizations are increasingly prioritizing around infrastructure modernization at edge and remote sites. Distributed organizations with locations and users spread across wide geographic regions have numerous challenges managing IT services delivery, from servers and storage to unstructured data sprawl and consistent file access. The world needs a simple platform to help organizations better manage these challenges, and that’s where we come in.

Together, our unified solution enables customers to securely and seamlessly modernize a wide range of remote office / branch office (ROBO) IT infrastructure and systems, including file storage, file collaboration and sharing, and data protection.

We believe our unique vision for edge-to-cloud services delivery will provide enterprise and government customers with the world’s most efficient, secure, and scalable solutions for ROBO IT.

You can see a diagram of our joint offering below.

What this means for you as a customer is:
  1. Optimized ROBO IT services delivery. No matter if you’re managing 10 remote sites or 10,000 remote sites, the centralized management powered by Nutanix and CTERA enables you to oversee all aspects of edge IT services delivery from a single platform, and to replace your existing legacy NAS solution with the most advanced, next-generation file services solution
  2. Digital transformation on your terms. Empower your users with the applications and file services they need to be productive while maintaining your existing data and application security posture.
  3. Extending the cloud to the edge. Nutanix Acropolis appliances leverage CTERA’s virtual cloud storage gateways to accelerate file access to cloud-based files for any office or roaming user.
  4. TCO reduction. Consolidate the entire range of edge IT requirements into a single box that can significantly reduce costs over legacy infrastructure. And when you multiply those savings across your entire edge site map, the savings can be incredible.
(By the way, CTERA is validated for Nutanix AHV, providing flexibility and customer choice on hypervisor requirements.)

There’s a lot more information you can check out if you’re ready for more.
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