Achieving Operational Efficiency Through Security Automation: GravityZone Meets Nutanix Prism

Achieving Operational Efficiency Through Security Automation: GravityZone Meets Nutanix Prism
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This guest post was authored by Bogdan “Bob” Botezatu, Senior E-Threat Analyst At Bitdefender

With security breaches sometimes lasting months without triggering any warning, an inability to accurately observe and act against an ongoing intrusion could mean compromising all customer and mission-critical data, directly impacting business continuity and reputation.

As the current threat landscape places tremendous pressure on the modern datacenter, already-overloaded IT operations teams bear a significant security burden. Detecting ongoing breaches as close to the point of compromise as possible can reduce fallout from a data leak and help organizations strengthen their reputation by preventing irreparable damages. As 250,000 new malicious programs and an increasing number of tailor-made threats seek to wreak havoc on corporate IT infrastructures each day, IT and security teams must race against time when filtering security alerts, something that’s difficult to pull off, especially if understaffed and overburdened.
Simultaneously, the increasing adoption of hybrid cloud -- a mix of public cloud services and privately owned data centers, already in place for 70 percent of companies globally – is giving rise to new security challenges and prompting CISOs to adopt different technologies to fight zero-day exploits, advanced persistent threats, and other devastating types of cybercrime.

Fortunately, there is good news too. As the world’s first workload-security platform integrated with Nutanix Prism, GravityZone helps Nutanix customers promote operational efficiency through security automation. GravityZone not only delivers best-in-class layered next-generation defenses for hybrid infrastructure, but also streamlines and automates security workflows to let IT focus on strategic priorities. The new GravityZone-Prism integration and the GravityZone Calm Marketplace blueprint help Nutanix customers achieve just that.

What’s new

The GravityZone integration with Prism dramatically simplifies security administration for Nutanix Enterprise-Cloud workloads. GravityZone communicates with Prism to obtain up-to-date virtual-machine (VM) inventory and cluster hierarchy as well as real-time data on VM instantiation, termination and movement. GravityZone uses the data to automatically deploy in-guest security tools and security servers, assign highly-granular security policies, recover security licenses from decommissioned VMs, and provide infrastructure-aware reporting.

The GravityZone Calm Marketplace blueprint makes deployment of the security platform as easy as the click of a mouse. No matter where in the Enterprise Cloud a customer’s development, test or production VMs reside and what hypervisor(s) they run on, the blueprint can be used to quickly deploy GravityZone in users’ environments without adding IT support tickets.

A Nutanix AHV-Ready solution, GravityZone uses multiple layers of next-generation defenses (such as tunable machine learning, application control, anti-exploit and network sandboxing) to protect Enterprise Cloud customers from advanced threats, while enabling efficient centralized security-manageability and preserving the performance and utilization of Nutanix infrastructure. Engineered for hyperconverged and cloud environments, GravityZone minimizes security’s impact on infrastructure resources, increasing consolidation ratios by up to 35% and improving application response by 17% compared to other workload-security solutions. GravityZone is compatible with all virtualization platforms, enabling a secure transition to Nutanix AHV from other hypervisors.

For a frist hand look, try GravityZone for 60 days.

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