6 Things You Should Know About Acropolis Ultimate Edition

  • 22 February 2018
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6 Things You Should Know About Acropolis Ultimate Edition
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This blog post is authored by Shubhika Taneja, Senior Product Marketing Manager

Nutanix offers three editions of Acropolis software so that you can select the right capabilities that fit the needs of your Enterprise Cloud. You can see the list of capabilities offered by the three editions of Acropolis: Basic, Pro and Ultimate here. In this blog post we discuss how you can quickly check which edition of Acropolis you have and how to get the most out of Acropolis Ultimate edition.

First, Which Edition Of Acropolis Software Do You Have?

Once you log into Prism Element for your cluster, and click on the far right admin drop down, you will see an option: "About Nutanix". Clicking on "About Nutanix" will show you the software and the license you have.

Next, Are You Getting the Most Out of Acropolis Ultimate's Capabilities?

The advanced capabilities that come included with the Ultimate edition enable you to leverage the full potential of Nutanix to build and operate your Enterprise Cloud. You can:

1. Consolidate VMs and Unstructured Data:
Acropolis File Services (AFS), included in Acropolis Ultimate Edition, consolidates VMs and unstructured data on Nutanix, thus giving you a simpler infrastructure stack. AFS can be deployed on any Nutanix cluster in a few clicks from Prism. AFS supports SMB protocol and support for NFS is coming soon, has a rich partner ecosystem for capabilities such as Inline Antivirus Scans, Backups, File Auditing and Global Namespace. You can learn more about AFS here.

2. Ensure All-Flash Performance:
VM Flash mode which is a part of the Acropolis Ultimate Edition ensures all-flash performance for latency-sensitive applications in a hybrid system. The data for these applications does not migrate from the SSD-backed hot data tier to the cold data tier that uses HDD.

3. Choose among several options for MultiSite DR:
Nutanix multi-site disaster recovery option supports a wide variety of enterprise topologies to meet all customers' replication requirements such as one-to-many, many-to-one, many-to-many. One-to-many scenario covers the use case where you have a central site and multiple remote locations for central site backup where in case of disaster workloads can be started on either remote locations. Many-to-one scenario or a hub-and-spoke architecture are deployments where workloads are running on multiple different sites and are being replicated to the central site. At last you have the many-to-many scenario where workloads can be replicated to many sites and recovered from many sites.

4. Support NearSync Replication for Mission Critical Applications:

NearSync (Near Synchronous) Replication allows for one minute RPO for mission-critical applications. There are no restrictions on latency or distance. By leveraging Nutanix Light Weight Snapshots (LWS), it supports more granular restore capabilities. NearSync is supported with vSphere and AHV. It enables an RTO of minutes and an RPO as low as one minute.

5. Guarantee zero data loss with Metro Availability and Synchronous Replication:
Metro Availability synchronously replicates data to another site, ensuring that a full, real-time copy of the data exists at a different location. During a disaster, VMs can failover from a primary site to a secondary site, guaranteeing nearly 100 percent uptime for applications and zero data loss. For planned failovers, live-migration of the VMs between sites is supported. Metro Availability requires a max RTT latency of 5ms. This technology enables RTO of near zero and RPO of zero minutes. Metro is available for vSphere. For Hyper-V, Nutanix supports synchronous replication (Sync Rep) between two clusters, but does not provide any HA or live migration capabilities.

6. Protect Data with Software Based Data-at-Rest Encryption:
Nutanix data-at-rest encryption meets FIPS 140-2 compliance for both software and hardware (SEDs) encryption solutions. The software based encryption does not rely on any specialized hardware. Nutanix data-at-rest encryption satisfies regulatory requirements for government agencies, banking, financial, and healthcare.

Your Next Step

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