10 Things to Know About Nutanix™ on Cisco UCS®

  • 1 December 2016
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10 Things to Know About Nutanix™ on Cisco UCS®
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This blog was authored by EJ Bodnar, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Nutanix

These are the top ten things you should know about Nutanix™ on Cisco UCS®.

1) Nutanix™ Enterprise Cloud Platform for Cisco UCS® Named a 2016 CRN Product of the Year Winner.
  • CRN® has named Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform™ for Cisco® Unified Computing System (UCS) a winner in the 2016 Product of the Year Awards in the Hyperconverged Infrastructure category.
  • The Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform™ took first in two subcategories: Technology and Customer Demand.
2) More customers choose Nutanix™ than all other hyperconverged offerings combined.
  • Nutanix™ has over 50% market share, according to Gartner(1).

3) Customers running Nutanix™ save 71% in time and 58% in TCO by running Nutanix™.
  • Nutanix™ capabilities include multiple hypervisor support, advanced data optimization, web-scale design including scale-out storage services, predictive capacity planning, one-click software upgrades and much more.

4) Nutanix™ is fully tested & validated and is currently running on Cisco UCS® C- Series Servers in live customer environments worldwide.
  • Nutanix™ independently validated and certified Nutanix™ software on Cisco UCS® C-Series servers. In addition, Nutanix™ and Cisco® channel and SI partners have also successfully tested and validated Nutanix™ software on Cisco UCS® C-Series in both customer and partner environments.
  • Multiple customers across multiple industries in multiple countries are running Nutanix™ on Cisco UCS® C-Series Servers in live production environments.

5) Rackmount Cisco UCS® Servers are supported, with support for Blade servers in development.
  • Nutanix™ is currently available on Cisco® C220 and C240 Rackmount servers. In November 2016, Nutanix™ announced planned future support for Cisco® B200 Blade servers, as well as All-Flash and StorageOnly nodes.
  • As Cisco® customers express demand, Nutanix™ plans to add support for additional UCS® models.

6) Nutanix™ for Cisco UCS® is available as a software offering that can be deployed up front or added on later.
  • Nutanix™ is leveraging a classic “meet-in-the-channel” model where the Cisco UCS® servers are purchased separately from the Nutanix™ software.
  • Leading Cisco® channel partners around the world are offering Nutanix™ on UCS® and authorized distributors and resellers for Cisco® and Nutanix™ integrate the Cisco® hardware and Nutanix™ software together, either at their facilities or at the customer’s site, ensuring an exceptional experience for the joint Nutanix™ and Cisco® customer.

7) Nutanix™ software for Cisco UCS® is easy to order.
  • The Nutanix™ software has support bundled in, thereby providing Cisco UCS® customers a complete solution.
  • Nutanix™ software is priced per node for a fixed term (1/3/5 years).

8) Cisco UCS® customers receive top notch Support leveraging industry standard processes.
  • Support is handled by Nutanix™ and Cisco®’s industry leading customer support teams. Nutanix™ supports the Nutanix software and Cisco® supports the Cisco UCS® hardware.
  • While customers will typically call Cisco® first for obvious hardware issues and Nutanix™ for obvious software issues, Nutanix™ is always ready to take the first call.
  • Nutanix™ will coordinate Cisco’s hardware support cases through TSANet (Technical Support Alliance Network – which hands off to Cisco® for hardware support and replacement.
  • Customers receive the highest level of Support as Nutanix™ consistently achieves a Net Promoter Score of 90+.

9) Nutanix™ pioneered Hyperconverged Infrastructure.
  • Hyperconverged Infrastructure natively combines x86-based compute and storage resources with intelligent software to create flexible building blocks that replace legacy infrastructure consisting of separate servers, storage networks and storage arrays.
  • While hyperconvergence is not an end point in itself, it is the fundamental building block for the ultimate destination of the Enterprise Cloud Platform.

10) Nutanix™ pioneered the Enterprise Cloud Platform.
  • Nutanix™ pioneered the concept of hyperconverged infrastructure. However, where other vendors view that as the destination, Nutanix™ sees hyperconverged infrastructure as simply a stepping stone on the road to delivering a complete Enterprise Cloud Platform.
  • Nutanix’s ultimate journey is to make infrastructure invisible and enable customers to focus on the applications and services that power their business.
  • Providing an Enterprise Cloud Platform means removing the technological barriers that force customers to choose between on-premise and public cloud deployments, and Nutanix™ enables Cisco UCS® customers to span both.
  • Therefore, the choice of where compute and where data reside ultimately becomes simply a business decision that can be dialed back and forth.

Nutanix on Cisco UCS
Nutanix natively converges compute, storage and virtualization into a turnkey enterprise cloud platform that can be deployed in 30-60 minutes, and runs any app at any scale

(1) Gartner Magic Quadrant for Integrated Systems Published: 10 October 2016
(2) IDC White Paper | Quantifying the Business Value of Nutanix Solutions, August 2015

© 2016 Nutanix, Inc. All rights reserved. Nutanix™ is a trademark of Nutanix, Inc., registered in the United States and other countries. Cisco® and Cisco UCS® are the registered trademarks of Cisco Technology, Inc. Nutanix is not associated with, sponsored or endorsed by Cisco.

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Nice to see more and more Server can be installed by Nutanix OS. Hope that someday Nutanix can be deployed on any Server just like VMware/Hyper-V
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Thanks for the input bezeddin 🙂