Request for Major Services Status Targets in v2.0 API

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I would like to request an API target for the following major services in Nutanix:
Perhaps that API target could be 'v2.0/services'

* Cassandra* Zookeeper* Stargate* Curator* Prism* Genesis* Chronos* Cerebro* Pithos
* Acropolis
* (Add your favorite service here)

I would imagine the output per service would be at very least have

  • name:
  • status: (up, down, warning, critical)
  • status_message: (free form)
  • uptime:
  • master_host:
  • number_of_hosts
  • hosts (a list of hosts that run the service)
  • load_ppm

** Plus any associated metrics 😉

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Good idea, this would be useful. I've filed an internal improvement ticket, ID ENG-101774
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Thanks again Jon,

If possilbe, I'd like to keep this ticket open until the feature request is complete.
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Tracking this request as well. Cheers!

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Hi @pcari @Brandflair

Did you folks get all squared away with this request?

cc @Jon
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Yes. We are part of the Nutanix Elevate Partner Program and as of October 2017 are now certified as Nutanix Ready - Integrated. This post was put up prior to the Elevate agreement being finalized. We have access for @pcari and team each quarter now.

Thanks @aluciani.