Nutanix API: v2/disks disk_hardware_config is Null

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Nutanix API: v2/disks disk_hardware_config is showing null data. Is there an option to turn that data on as we are using that to populate disk specific information.?

We show it working in our CE version 2017.05.22.


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The disk_hardware_config would show as null if the disk information in the 'hades' service is missing.
The v2 REST API will read info from the slots and if the slot does not have a disk, the hardware config is returned as null.
Can you try restarting the hades service and see if the information is updated?
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Hi pcari

Did you have a chance to try the suggestion from akshaydeodhar?

Let us know, and if that worked consider clicking the 'Accept as Solution' button as that will help others in the community find this material sooner. Thanks
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We're still checking with the customer on this. I'll post a note once we know the outcome.