Nutanix API integration with Custom Portal for different users

  • 16 September 2018
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I have a Custom Portal for different users. Currently users will request Nutanix resources and services in the portal and Nutanix Admin will create it manually as per the requests.

The new requirement is to automate this request. For example, the users will select the resources and services from the Custom Portal and this portal will talk to Nutanix using API. The resources and services will be automatically created once user requests.

Please advise how to start. Which technology can be used

3 replies

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@Sajith G H

Have you explored Nutanix SSP [Self service portal] & Calm?
With SSP & Calm you can achieve the automation which you have mentioned above.



You can refer below to get more on API details.
Thanks for the details. How can we create Nutanix Self Service Portal inside our Customer Portal for different users. So that Users can create without depending the Admin.
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@Sajith G H

Can you contact Nutanix SE assigned to your account or the accounts team with this requirement.

They will assist you with the same.