Is there a REST API request limit?

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Hi community,

I've written a Python3 interface to Nutanix's REST api, and among other things I'm using it to replicate VM metrics from Nutanix to Graphite. I was wondering if anyone has run into REST api request-rate limits, or performance degredation after a certain point. I'd like to decrease the run-time of my metrics replication process by distributing the api calls to a bunch of workers, but I don't want to cause problems for other admins while it's running ^^

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Also FYI, it looks like the max metrics per request is 5. If you attempt to ask for more than that the API returns:
Cannot support more than 5 metric in a single time range request or server is busy with many concurrent requests
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Currently, we do have a limit on the number of metrics you can pull in per RPC. This was done to protect our metrics database and config database performance. This is in our V1/V2 API.

Going forward, when we release our metrics API in V3, we do not anticipate having this constraint on the number of metrics that can be pulled.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks Tark, that's good to know 🙂

Are there metrics API request-rate limits though? Like could I issue 200 metrics requests/second? (each request for 5 or less metrics)