CVM info via v2 REST API?

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The endpoint at v1/vms returns information about the CVM's, but v2.0/vms does not. How do I get CVM information from the v2.0 REST API? I haven't found anything in the docs yet.


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Good eye. We filed an internal defect, internal id ENG-75432, for this
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1. When can we expect CVM data to be included in v2 API?

2. When extracting CVM data from the v1's /vms target, should we identify CVMs by:

a. "nonNdfsDetails": "VM is a Nutanix CVM" or
b. nutanixGuestTools.vmName: "NTNX-c36008f1-A-CVM" ?
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WRT v2 API - We haven't resolved that defect yet, so TBD on that one. I pinged the internal team responsible for it and asked what's up.

WRT CVM for v1 - nonNdfsDetails is your best hint, as you could, potentially, change that vmName for the CVM to not say CVM. nonNdfsDetails will give you the truth there.