Creating an image from existing VM

  • 25 July 2019
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Using the acli command we created an image of one of our VM's

image.create testvmimage image_type="kDiskImage" clone_from_vmdisk="7fea57b1-8011-43b7-8987-967b67d843a3"

After that we tried to create a VM using this image through the console.

But it is giving the error "Boot device not found. Please install an Operating system, or play 2048 ".

AOS version is euphrates-5.9.2-stable

5 replies

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Was that a vm and vmdisk that was already on the AHV cluster? And is it a windows os?

I see this when disks are copied over and images created from them when the guest os is windows and the original vm was set to uefi boot.

You might try to log into a cvm and run the following acli. Make sure the vm is shut down first.

vm.update vmname uefi_boot=true

Power the machine back on. If that doesn't work then run the same thing again just change uefi_boot=false.
Thanks for the reply.

But this didn't work.

Was that a vm and vmdisk that was already on the AHV cluster? - Yes

And is it a windows os? - No. The VM is Ubuntu
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Select from VM update the boot disk = scsi.0 , save it and reboot the vm.




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By default, AHV uses CD-ROM as the first boot device for VMs, followed by hard disk, then NIC. To override this behavior and choose a specific boot device, take a look at


Hope this helps.



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It might help to review the source and clone details from acli vm.get.