Sharing Data Across Multiple VM Windows Using Volume Group

  • 2 November 2023
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i have problem when sharing data accross VM using VGroup.

So i Create VG with name “VGroupBackup” and attach that to Windows VM for SQL Backup. I want share that VG to multiple Windows VM. The Problem is, the data from VM 1 is not syncronize to another VM. is anyone have solution for this?


Thank You.


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2 replies

Hi @sl.farhanparkar 

Thanks for your answer, thats help me a lot



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Hi Nazhif,

You can use the Volume group to assign shared disk to multiple VMs, but the for the data consistency, you need Failover cluster to be configured, this is how windows works, you cannot share the block storage to multiple windows servers without configure the FCI. Windows locks the whole disk / partition when it needs access and with FCI the disk locking is managed using the cluster service. The disk will be accessible to only one server at a time, if that server fails the cluster service will allow access on another server where the disk is shared.

If you need access by multiple you need to consider file services like SMB/NFS or just shared folders from normal windows server, etc.

This is not limitation from Nutanix, is not possible to have block access from multiple servers simultaneously  conceptually due to limitation of windows block access itself.