ESXI 7.0 nested VM on AHV NIC Issues

  • 29 August 2022
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I have need to stand up an ESXi nested VM for running a Singlewire Informacast VM that refuses to run on AHV natively. Following some blogs/guides, I’ve manually created a NIC with the e1000 model and it seems to work fine under ESXi 6.7 but the ESXi 7.0 installer won’t recognize the NIC. From what I’ve seen online, the e1000 driver might not be supported on ESXi 7.0 anymore.

In any case, I wanted to see if anyone else has had any luck getting ESXi 7.0 working as a nested VM on AHV. Thanks.

3 replies

I created a custom ISO with the net-community drivers added using PowerCLI and the method in the following blog article. I still haven’t had any luck getting the NIC recognized while booting from the ISO. I’ve made sure the VM NIC model is e1000 in ACLI.

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You need to create an iso with the driver in it. Here is a howto:

Unfortunately, it did not work for me with an iso via the Vmware Image Builder. Has anyone managed it?