Download AHV image/vm disk from AOS 5.10 - scp error on port 2222

  • 6 March 2020
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Hi all,

I´m attempting to download one image from a cluster on port 2222 as described on many documents (i.e. AHV | How to access VM disk files on Nutanix container or Copy files to/from a containter ) and I have a strange issue: using Filezilla or Winscp it works fine, using Centos 7.7 Linux scp doesn´t work.

A syntax as “scp -P 2222 admin@VCM-IP:/default-container-171248/.acropolis/vmdisk/image-or-disk-uuid” accept the password and then terminate with error “exec request failed on channel 0”

On the linux side firewall & selinux have been disabled a scp to other systems works fine.

Any suggestion?



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Hello @HITESH0801 ,

...Oh yeah! It´s work!

Using the sftp command instead of scp I can get the images from command line:

sftp -P 2222 user@CVM-IP:/container-name/.acropolis/vmdisk/image-or-disk-uuid


Thanks for your answer, you saved my W.E. :D
Kind regards


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Hello @Piero 

We need to use sftp protocol to transfer files using port 2222. 

Have you tried using sftp module in centos 7.7.