Deploy Prism central on Nutanix with Acropolis Hypervisor

  • 30 September 2015
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Hi Community,

I would like to deploy Prism central to manage 2 clusters. Until now, nothing complex.

The issue is : Prism Central is provided as an OVA to be deployed with ESX but I'm using KVM/Acropolis. Is there a way to import it ?

Can you please provide me with some guidance ?

Thanks a lot.

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6 replies

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Sorry for the delay - AOS 4.5 is now available! ->

We've renamed NOS (Nutanix Operating System) to AOS (Acropolis Operating System)

You can find the AOS 4.5 PC here:
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The bad news is that we don't have a AHV image for Prism Central for 4.1, but the good news is that 4.5 will have one. 4.5 is due out very soon - I'll update this thread once it's out!
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Yes indeed it looks like 4.5 is the Graal ... I'm hearing this since two weeks from now, I really need this 4.5 ... and not only for Prism Central. I also have a great need for Data Protection and replication. Sor far I can access the hidden menu for Data Replication with Acropolis but I cannot promote the replciated VMs which means, this is pointeless ...

Please tell me WHEN this 4.5 will be released ... I really WANT it ;)

Thanks ...
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Thanks a lot, I already have upgraded all my clusters to 4.5 ... Apparently, support told me that I was the first customer to do so ;)

I have noticed the name change and it was actually a big issue when we tried to upgrade the hypervisor since we were using the wrong image ... anyway. 4.5 looks amazing thanks Nutanix !!! I'm now able to replicate and promote my VM on a remote site (Europe -> US).

I'm now trying to figure out how to start Prism Central ... I have copied over the two volumes on my file system and allocated the .boot and .data to two different disks but it does not boot ... I'll figure out or read the docs.

Thanks again for this very long awaited update !
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I installed 4.5 a short time after it was released. I upgraded my AHV cluster then my Prism Central. I recommend upgrading them in the reverse order :)

The release notes advise the Installation procedure is in the Prism Web Console Guide. Did you follow the Prism Web Console Guide? It sounds like you did.

I run Prism Central on ESX. I haven't tried on my AHV cluster yet.

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Thanks for the heads up