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All aluciani's Badges

aluciani has earned 36 badges!
  • Blogger
    Earned by 272
    Thanks for sharing your blog, community members can learn more about your expertise.
  • .NEXT 2015
    .NEXT 2015
    Earned by 271
    Thanks for being part of our .NEXT 2015 inaugural user conference, it was fun
  • Festival
    Earned by 564
    We've been together for three years, thank you for your contributions to the community
  • Celebration
    Earned by 8,080
    We've been together for two years, thank you for your contributions to the community
  • Milestone
    Earned by 20,941
    We've been together for one year, thank you for your contributions to the community
  • First Reply
    First Reply
    Earned by 2,199
    You're first reply to the Nutanix Community. We are looking forward to your next contributions!
  • Courteous
    Earned by 567
    You have posted 5 replies to the Nutanix Community. Thanks for keeping the conversation going!
  • Neighborly
    Earned by 239
    We're loving the good conversations! You have posted 10 replies to the Nutanix Community.
  • Approachable
    Earned by 80
    Congratulations on 25 replies to the Nutanix Community and proving to be really conversational!
  • Engaging
    Earned by 32
    WOW - You have posted 50 replies in Nutanix Community - Keep it up!
  • Responsive
    Earned by 15
    100 replies in the Nutanix Community and counting. You are a star!
  • Sociable
    Earned by 4
    It's 250 replies in the Nutanix Community! Let's see if we can make it another 250!
  • First Post
    First Post
    Earned by 1,687
    You did it! Your first post on the Nutanix community
  • Scribe
    Earned by 151
    You have started 5 topics on the Nutanix Community. Thanks for your continued contribution as a topic starter
  • Initiator
    Earned by 48
    Well done - You have already started 10 topics! You continue to invite the Nutanix Community to share their insights.
  • Producer
    Earned by 13
    Congratulations on creating 25 new topics! We hope your search for new information has been successful.
  • Originate
    Earned by 5
    50 topics started now, good job! Keep it up
  • Formulate
    Earned by 1
    Another milestone 100 posts - you are an author!
  • Journalist
    Earned by 1
    WOW - 250 Posts - Looking forward to the next 250
  • First Kudo Given
    First Kudo Given
    Earned by 1,803
    Your first kudo given shows you appreciate content that is helpful, well formed, insightful or otherwise generally valuable. Keep it up!
  • Endorsement
    Earned by 159
    Giving out 5 kudos so far helps contributors of great content to feel appreciated. Thanks!
  • Applause
    Earned by 49
    The 10 kudos you have given so far are an acknowledgement of contributions by your community colleagues.
  • Adulation
    Earned by 8
    25 kudos given demonstrates your appreciation so keep up the good work!
  • Admiration
    Earned by 2
    Way to go! 50 given kudos grant you another badge, congrats on that!
  • Ovation
    Earned by 1
    Is it 100 kudos given already? Well, that's just great, awesome job!
  • Acclaim
    Earned by 1
    WOW! You have now given 250 kudos to your community colleagues, really good determination and congratulations!
  • First solution accepted
    First solution accepted
    Earned by 317
    One of your replies has been accepted as a solution. Thanks for the help and congrats on your first accepted solution!
  • Qualified
    Earned by 31
    Thanks for continuing to lend a hand by sharing your expertise. 5 of your replies have been marked as solutions!
  • Proficient
    Earned by 15
    10 of your replies have been accepted as solutions. Thanks for coming to the help of the community
  • First Kudo Received
    First Kudo Received
    Earned by 757
    You have received your first kudo for content that was helpful, way to go!
  • Patron
    Earned by 137
    You have received 5 kudos for posting content that the Nutanix Community values. Keep it up!
  • Contributor
    Earned by 58
    The Nutanix Community appreciates your contributions! You have received 10 kudos.
  • Supporter
    Earned by 21
    You are making a real difference, 25 kudos received, people are loving your content
  • Encourager
    Earned by 9
    The Nutanix Community loves your contributions, 50 kudos received now! Great job!
  • Well-wisher
    Earned by 5
    Keep it up! You really are contributing with the Nutanix Community, already 100 kudos received!
  • Philanthropist
    Earned by 4
    A true contributor in the Nutanix Community, that's you. 250 kudos received and a new badge mark a new milestone, congratulations!