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Windows Server 2016 HV and version 5.5


Windows Server 2016 HV and version 5.5

It would be nice to hear something from Nutanix about version 5.5.


We have been promised that it was coming out...I even heard from somebody in the company a month ago that October 15th was a date being tossed around, but tomorrow brings November.

We just spent over half a million dollars to convert our infrastructure to Nutanix with the understanding that we'd be able to run 2016. Half of our infrastructure is already on 2016. As it stands, VMs hosted on 2016 are NOT backwards compatible. Once they're on 2016, they have to stay on 2016. Our cluster gets racked and stacked next week.

It was originally supposed to be September from what I understand. Now it's just "Q4". Server 2016 has been out for over a year now...If we're going to spend this kind of money, I feel like the company should be obliged to at least give us some information. Is it coming out in a couple weeks? Is it delayed? Why is it delayed? Just throw *some* clarity on the matter. The silence is not good customer service. There is an entire thread about this, with several people looking for answers....the thread has been marked solved even though there hasn't been an answer.

First impressions are big, guys. Can you throw us a bone?

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Re: Windows Server 2016 HV and version 5.5

Thanks for the post @spearson let me see if I can get you connected with the right folks. 


Re: Windows Server 2016 HV and version 5.5

That'd be great, please let us know!


Re: Windows Server 2016 HV and version 5.5

I wouldn't mind being connected to the right person too. I am hoping that they will release it at the next conference in Nice! 


The performance improvement with DDA and being able to use RCT are the biggest reasons why we need 2016 support.


Re: Windows Server 2016 HV and version 5.5

I appreciate the quick response, but I still haven't heard from anybody.


Re: Windows Server 2016 HV and version 5.5

Agreed.  Why all the silence.  It has been a year since the release of 2016.  Are you not part of the pre release offering from Microsoft.  It's not like you didn't know this release was in the works.  I will be reevaluting my options when it is time to refresh our data center.  I have also asked several times with my local representation and can never get a solid answer.  I would much rather hear bad news than no news at all.  I get the challenges, share with the community.  

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Re: Windows Server 2016 HV and version 5.5

Hey folks,

Sorry for the extreme delay. I realize its borderline silly at this point, and on behalf of everyone in engineering (including myself), I appreciate your patience. 


Here's the deal. 2016 changed quite a bit for us (which is a net-good thing), and that took us quite a while to adapt in a way that we could uplift our existing 2012 customers to 2016 in an easy manner, and provide a kick butt product for net-new hyper-v installs as well.


I won't rattle off each detail, for the sake of keeping this direct and to the point, but rather simply say we've worked through all of those challenges, and are projecting to launch 2016 support with AOS 5.5. 


Given we're a public company, I can't put a forward-looking date on 5.5; however, I will say from the engineering perspective, we've got all hands on deck working on closing down this release, which means final QA and launch prep. We've already got alpha and beta customers on 2016 Hyper-V in the field right now, and have molded their feedback into the product.


In general, and this goes for the *ENTIRE* customer base, if you ever feel you're in the dark on something, please feel free to email me directly from your business emails and I'm happy to chat in detail about what we're up to. For 2016 Hyper-V specific issues, I'm happy to loop in the PM for that feature as well, and we can discuss even more. We pride ourselves on being a pretty open book here at Nutanix, so my "digital door" is always open.


My apologies again that we didn't update this thread with our progress, but I'm hoping this will suffice for the last little bit of waiting we need to do (collectively) before 5.5 launches.


TL;DR - We're delivering this in 5.5 along with several dozen other major features and are actively closing down the release, getting it ready to ship quite soon.

Jon Kohler | Principal Architect, Nutanix | Nutanix NPX #003, VCDX #116 | @JonKohler
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