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Analysis tab data export question

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Re: Analysis tab data export question



Hey sandeep, thanks for all the help so far.


What i'm actually trying to achieve is:


-When you pass the parameters, is it possible to pass multiple metrics so they all import into the same CSV file?

For example:


Cluster-Report-NTNX -Server X.X.X.X -UserName username -Password pasword- -Startdate ‘06/01/2017 01:00’ -Enddate ‘06/30/2017 18:00’ -Interval '1800' -OutFile 'c:\Filename.csv' -Metric 'Hypervisor CPU Usage (%)', 'Hypervisor Memory Usage (%)'   <-- So you can choose how many different metrics you want into the same CSV file. One or more. 


Let's say the next time I want to import 'Hypervisor I/O Latency' , 'Hypervisor I/O Bandwidth', Metric 'Hypervisor IOPS' into the same CSV file it should look like this:


Cluster-Report-NTNX -Server X.X.X.X -UserName username -Password password -Startdate ‘06/01/2017 01:00’ -Enddate ‘06/30/2017 18:00’ -Interval '1800' -OutFile 'c:\Filename.csv' -Metric 'Hypervisor I/O Latency' , 'Hypervisor I/O Bandwidth', Metric 'Hypervisor IOPS'


Is this a possibility?


-Is it also possible to import the multiple metrics into the exact same order as you pass them the command?

-They should also be on the same page, next to eachother.



Thanks in advance.