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Online Plus Collaboration


Online Plus Collaboration

This thread is for students participating in a Online Plus course.


The Online Plus version of the Administration Course is a blend of self-paced learning with guidance and coaching provided periodically by a live instructor, plus hands-on labs using Nutanix's hosted lab environment. Sessions last two calendar weeks.  


To enroll in one of our upcoming sessions, visit our course schedule.


Re: Online Plus Collaboration

Looking for additionl learning resources?  Try our YouTube Channel!




Mail Chapter 2

I am missing my e-mail for the second day Smiley Sad


Re: Mail Chapter 2



The email that you received on Day One contains content for Days 1-3.  This is the content in Section 1 of the eLearning material. You will receive a new link (for Section 2) on Thursday, August 13.


Here is a day-by-day breakdown of the topics.  Section 1 takes more than 60 minutes to complete, so we've made recommendations on what to cover each day, to stay on track.



Day 1: Section 1


Nutanix Terminology
Cluster Architecture
Cluster Components
Guest VM Data Management

Day 2:


Nutanix Platforms and Hardware Components
Hypervisor Integration

Day 3:


Nutanix Web Console
PowerShell CMDlets
Multi-Cluster Management

Day 4: Section 2



Day 5:



Day 6:


Configuration (continued)

Day 7:



Day 8: Section 3


Integrated Data Protection
Configuring a Protection Domain
Configuring a Remote Site

Day 9:


Site Failover Operations
Monitoring and Troubleshooting

Day 10:


NPP Exam Instructions

I apologize for any confusion. Please let us know if you need anything else!


Section 2: Cluster IP Config - VLAN Segmented Networks



I am going through Section 2: Cluster IP Configuration chapter, under the topic of Segmented networks Step 1, the link in the slide goes to and redirects to with error "Login failed"

Support Portal service is inactive, is there any other way to access the KB/Docs which are mentioned in the course?


Thank you.


Re: Section 2: Cluster IP Config - VLAN Segmented Networks

I am having the same issue on Section 2, I cannot view any of th edocuments from Section2, module 4 on "Clsuter IP Address Configuration". They all link back to the nutanix site, and give me a login failure trying to open the docs.


Re: Online Plus Collaboration

Would Nutanix consider making a transcript available for most of this? Honestly, I'm really tired of clicking here and clicking there when I could just read the text and be done with it. In general I'm not a big fan of video or animation.


Re: Online Plus Collaboration

Is section 3 out today Monday Aug 17th? If so I did not receive email or deleted it on accident.


Re: Section 2: Cluster IP Config - VLAN Segmented Networks

Hi Vaseem,


Students who do not work for a Nutanix customer or partner can request access to the documents from Section 2 by emailing 


The support portal has resources in addition to documentation that we cannot make available outside of our customer and partner communities (for example, opening tickets).  We are in the process of updating the eLearning content to provide alternate options for students who do not have Support portal accounts.


I apologize for the confusion.  Someone will reach out with the necessary documents shortly.


Re: Section 2: Cluster IP Config - VLAN Segmented Networks

Hello, Mark.


I apologize for the inconvenience.


It looks like you are receiving the error message because you have not created an account on the Nutanix Support portal.  As an employee of a Nutanix partner, you should be able to create the account at


If you have issues creating your account, or still cannot access the documents, please contact us at We'd be glad to assist you.