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Written By: Mike Langdon, Product Manager, Blue Medora


Blue Medora is excited to announce that its vRealize Operations (vROps) Management Pack for Nutanix is now Nutanix Ready. The management pack helps you gain visibility into the health and performance of your Nutanix clusters and the workloads running on them.


As part of Blue Medora’s True Visibility Suite, the vROps Management Pack for Nutanix brings visibility into vRealize Operations so you can clearly understand how your hypervisors are performing within the Nutanix enterprise cloud platform. In particular, I’d like to highlight three key areas where Blue Medora integrations will transform your vROps monitoring experience.


Gain visibility into capacity and performance with 1,000+ metrics


The Blue Medora Management Pack for Nutanix extends your monitoring to provide easy access to health, performance and availability metrics for your infrastructure alongside databases and applications.


Figure 1: Extend visibility with out-of-the-box dashboards, like the Nutanix Health Investigation shown above.


The management pack features more than 1,000 metrics, including key indicators like IO operations, IO latency, disk size and total IOPS. You can view these metrics in custom reports and dashboards, or use the dashboards provided out-of-the-box:

  • Nutanix Overview
  • Nutanix Cluster Overview
  • Nutanix Health Investigation
  • Nutanix Latency, IOPS, Throughput Detail
  • Nutanix CVM Detail
  • Nutanix VM to VMware Detail
  • Nutanix Host to VMware Detail
  • Nutanix Storage Container to VMware Detail


Precise control of alerts and notifications


More than 150 alerts and notifications are provided through the Blue Medora Management Pack for Nutanix. As a result, you gain immediate insight into important alerts so you are able to address them before the spread to other layers of the IT stack.


Strong integration with vRealize Operations allows you to leverage predictive analytics to pinpoint problems before they arise and optimize the performance of your hyperconverged systems.

Reduce mean time to innocence


The Blue Medora Management Pack for Nutanix automatically maps relationships between Nutanix and VMware. You will gain insight into performance dependencies with the discovered relationships, such as Nutanix VM to VMware VM; storage container to VM; and host to VM. In addition, when you pair the Management Pack for Nutanix with others from Blue Medora, you can gain a clear and accurate understanding of other relationships between Nutanix, databases and applications.



Figure 2: Leverage relationship mapping -- like storage container to VMware shown above -- between Nutanix and VMware layers with Blue Medora’s management pack.


Leveraging key metrics about each of these relationships in your Nutanix environment means you have visibility into the data you need to reduce your mean-time-to-innocence should any troubles arise.. Our customers find that they can increase availability across their environments, which helps them to accelerate performance across the IT stack.


For more information about Blue Medora’s management pack for Nutanix, review our solutions brief or get a free trial.


About Blue Medora

Blue Medora creates software that extends the capabilities of vRealize Operations and exposes more elements of your underlying hardware and software solutions to provide you with detailed performance metrics and in-depth analytics across the IT stack.


As a result, you receive comprehensive visibility into your physical and virtual infrastructure for root cause analysis and overall infrastructure management. For more information about the True Visibility Suite for vRealize Operations, visit our website.

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Hyperconverged Networking for the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform… Traffic Jams Beware!

by Nutanix Employee MikePenrod on ‎12-05-2016 01:52 PM - last edited on ‎12-06-2016 10:11 AM by Community Manager (2,259 Views)

Written By: Michael Welts, Vice President, Marketing, Plexxi


At the recent .NEXT 2016 User Conference in Vienna, Nutanix emphasized reimagining how infrastructure should look and behave based on applications needs and changes. They said that the first step was to converge compute and storage (hyperconvergence), then to reimagine virtualization and datacenter management, and then to ultimately collapse networking within the same cloud stack.


Up until now, the missing link to datacenter infrastructure hyperconvergence has been networking. Enter Plexxi, a Nutanix Elevate technology partner. At .NEXT we showcased a modern networking solution referred to as “hyperconverged networking” for the Enterprise Cloud.


Nutanix and Plexxi have partnered to deliver a “reimagined” view of how networks should look, feel and behave… all in the name of application needs and changes. With Plexxi, we’re able to  replace traditional leaf-spine networks with a simple, single-tier, scale-as-you-need switching platform and a compelling software-defined approach to automating, orchestrating and visualizing application workloads.  If that wasn’t taking the future of datacenter networking far enough, we took one more step by demonstrating unique, automated per-workload discovery, optimization, and isolation.


You might be wondering why this matters and why now? Well, Gartner recently published an interesting report entitled, “Leverage Networking to Ensure Your Hyperconverged Integrated Systems Can Support Demanding Workloads” that puts a spotlight on the network challenge of HCIS.  Like our customers say, simplifying networking and operations complexity is their #1 concern to unlocking the true potential of modernized datacenters.


What Gartner is saying is that hyperconverged infrastructure systems (HCIS) introduce workloads that place new requirements on the network; requirements that traditional networks were not designed to address. In fact, according to Gartner, the I/O loads alone “will increase by 10x” with HCIS clusters.


So how does Plexxi solve this looming traffic jam? By dispelling the notion of the network being nothing more than a set of fat, dumb pipes and instead delivering intelligent networking under software control. Plexxi showcases a deep understanding of Nutanix workloads including network status, end-to-end hyperconverged topology, network fabric capacity, workload placement for Nutanix storage workloads, and Nutanix cluster workload traffic utilization heatmaps.


Plexxi’s automation, orchestration, visualization and analytics combine to unleash a powerful solution that automatically discovers Nutanix nodes and dynamically re-provisions the Plexxi network fabric in response to compute and storage network changes.  This ensures optimized hyperconverged environments, high performance and service quality for diverse applications and workloads, while making optimal use of network capacity. Plexxi allows the network to be defined by the data and applications, rather than the inverse.


For a detailed look at Plexxi’s solution and Gartner’s research report on demanding workloads, visit http://go.plexxi.com/gartner2016.  Nutanix and Plexxi will also be delivering a webinar that highlights the features discussed in this article:


Bringing Hyperconverged Networking to the Enterprise Cloud

Thursday, December 15, 9-10 am Pacific

Register Now


Learn how Nutanix and Plexxi can:

  • Enable a unified software-defined data center network that efficiently supports diverse hyperconverged infrastructure applications and workloads
  • Provide a single network for all workloads while achieving significant OPEX/CAPEX savings
  • Demonstrate how virtualized compute, storage and networking resources are provisioned collectively – in real time - to enable elastic services, on-demand applications and self-service IT.

The time is now to reimagine datacenter networking. Join us on December 15th!


Disclaimer: This blog contains links to external websites that are not part of Nutanix.com. Nutanix does not control these sites, and disclaims all responsibility for the content or accuracy of any external site. Our decision to link to an external site should not be considered an endorsement of any content on such site.

Differentiated Service Opportunities for Service Providers with Centerity and Nutanix

by Nutanix Employee MikePenrod on ‎11-02-2016 07:59 AM - last edited on ‎11-02-2016 08:09 AM by Community Manager (1,117 Views)

By John Speck, Alliance Manager, Centerity Systems, Inc.


Delivering End-to-End Performance Analytics & Business Process Views to Nutanix ECP


Managed and Cloud Service Providers (MSPs/CSPs) are always looking for new service opportunities with high margins and low delivery costs.  While performance monitoring as a service is not new, an end-to-end approach with a service-centric focus is.  This service-centric approach is what is needed to promote the transition to the “3rd Platform of IT Innovation” described by IDC in a 2014 report.


Legacy monitoring tools are typically domain-centric, focused only on a single technology domain. This siloed approach can’t demonstrate a technology’s impact or interdependency with other technologies in delivering a service, making it painful and time-consuming to troubleshoot service disruptions. The result?


  •    Longer Mean-Time-To-Restore (MTTR)
  •    High Operational Expenditure (OpEx)
  •    Lower Customer Satisfaction
  •    Poor Customer Retention

A Next-Gen Solution


Centerity’s next-gen approach to performance analytics delivers end-to-end visibility to hybrid data centers via a single, unified software appliance purpose-built to be both service-centric and application-centric. As a unified platform, Centerity’s comprehensive performance analytics and Business Service Management (BSM) process views are built with data from every technology layer, illuminating service dependencies and enabling service providers to become dynamic business-driven organizations.


A unified platform delivered as a single, software appliance has two significant advantages.  First, it’s a single solution with all features and functionality included as a unified bundle for quick installation and virtually no maintenance, delivering an extremely short time-to-value (TTV).


Secondly, as new technologies are added into the mix, analytics from these can be immediately collected and distributed throughout the purpose-built platform, thus maintaining end-to-end business process views of applications no matter how dynamic the environment.


Centerity & Nutanix: A Solution Built for Service Providers


The ability to rapidly extend performance analytics to new or novel technologies is essential to attracting new customers and retaining existing ones. Some prime examples of this are Big Data/BI deployments such as SAP HANA, Hadoop, Oracle, and NoSQL. With the increasing adoption of these high profile technologies, more and more service provider customers are turning to Nutanix’ Web-scale Platform to run their business-critical applications due to its linear scalability and predictable performance.


With its end-to-end coverage and unique ability to perform correlated impact analysis across technology domains, Centerity ensures that complex applications operate in perfect concert with their Nutanix infrastructure. Combining this visibility with the ability to drill into each contributing technology layer via a single console to do rapid root cause, trend and impact analysis is key to reducing MTTR.


To further support service providers, Centerity’s platform provides the operational efficiencies of multi-tenancy and federated scalability, so clients’ Nutanix environments can scale dynamically and be viewed and managed independently, regardless of where they reside.


So what does this joint solution ultimately deliver Nutanix X-Powered service providers?


1. Controlled Rollouts

Knowing that the environment is production-ready before deployment begins is key to frictionless rollouts and predictable, timely results.

2. Reduced Operational Complexity

Having all performance analytics normalized in a single, viewable location allows for comprehensive, cross-domain correlation monitoring in real-time with predictive, impact, trend and root cause analysis.

3. Reduced MTTR

MTTR is the single most important metric in determining Customer Satisfaction and Net Promoter Scores (NPS) and without a short MTTR, customer turnover will be all too rapid.

4. Reduced OPEX

By reducing the toolsets used and providing a consistent, unified approach across features, resources can be more efficiently allocated and time for additional strategic tasks will be available.

5. Unity of Purpose

Once the delivery goals are clearly presented through business process views, employees will understand what the delivery goals of the organization are and act with a unity of purpose around these services and application-centric goals.  Customers will also appreciate this clarity, fostering cooperative efforts between service provider and customer to create a virtuous cycle of improvement.

Want to see these results for yourself? Centerity is proud to be an exhibitor at .NEXT Europe on November 8th to10th and we’d love to have you come by our booth! If that’s a bit too far to travel, come find me at .NEXT On Tour in Boston on Nov. 9th. Really not interested in travelling? Visit our website at www.centerity.com, or reach out to me directly at johns@centerity.com or https://www.linkedin.com/in/johnvspeck



Disclaimer: This blog contains links to external websites that are not part of Nutanix.com. Nutanix does not control these sites, and disclaims all responsibility for the content or accuracy of any external site. Our decision to link to an external site should not be considered an endorsement of any content on such site.


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