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Nutanix Elevate Security Week - October 24-29


With breaches and threats cycling through your daily public news feed, security is on the top of every IT leader’s mind. Nutanix has taken an aggressive approach to security that we believe differentiates the Nutanix enterprise cloud platform from our competitors. Security is a large part of our mission to provide invisible infrastructure, meaning we work to provide comprehensive security features while making it as easy and hands-off as possible to set up and manage. Our approach to security is summarized under three pillars: Platform, Automation, and Ecosystem.



Security is incorporated into every step of the product development lifecycle and covers the entire hyperconverged infrastructure stack, including storage, virtualization, and management.



Powerful automation and self-healing security models are designed to maintain continuous security in enterprise cloud environments with efficiency and ease.



Verified joint solutions with a robust set of security partners help to address a wide range of customer security requirements.


During the week of October 24th we hosted three webinars where we dove deep with the Nutanix security team and featured alliances Vormetric and vArmour.  We invite you to view the recordings to learn more.  



Nutanix: Securing Hyperconverged Infrastructure

View the Recording


Security in the modern datacenter requires an evolved mindset and approach. In this technical webinar, Nutanix will provide deep insight into the latest security advancements engineered into the Nutanix enterprise cloud platform, and explain how these advancements can be leveraged to build the most secure environments for your applications and data. Join this webinar to learn security best practices and ask questions relevant to your organization.



Vormetric: How Should I Secure My Data-At-Rest? 3 Approaches for Effective Data Security.

View the Recording


Data security is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Data-at-rest should be secured in a variety of ways, depending on the use case, security policy, and regulation surrounding it. Modern enterprises need flexibility in how they apply data security, yet also need ease of management. Vormetric is a leader in data security, with a large global footprint of securing data in cloud and on-prem environments.



vArmour: 5 Steps to Simplify Security in the Modern Data Center

View the Recording


Legacy security architectures and traditional security platforms are ineffective at securing modern data centers. Modern data centers need a security solution that is software-based, distributed, and simple: making security better, faster, and cheaper. vArmour is the leader in software-based segmentation and micro-segmentation that protects critical applications and workloads in the data centers and cloud.


To learn more about securing the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud, download the newly released report, Building Secure Platforms and Services with Nutanix Enterprise Cloud.

Looking forward to this as a CISSP certified security professional implementing Nutanix hardware currently for a SaaS solution provider.
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Great to hear @skifflad - Hope to connect at .NEXT Vienna Smiley Wink 

I wish! Unfortunately, I'll be staying in Edinburgh.
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