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Acropolis File Services Overview

by Community Manager on ‎01-04-2017 03:38 PM (337 Views)

Dan Chilton gives us an overview of a new feature in AOS 5.0, Acropolis File Services (AFS), and showcases its benefits against a traditional 3-Tier model.



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Explore The Enterprise cloud for Microsoft Environments

by Community Manager ‎01-04-2017 07:33 AM - edited ‎01-04-2017 07:34 AM (3,173 Views)

Watch this technical session to explore how datacenter infrastructure is evolving to hyperconverged infrastructure and on to enterprise clouds, and how IT organizations large and small can get the best of both public and private cloud infrastructure for workloads, including tier 1 SQL Server databases supporting critical applications, email and collaboration, VDI and app virtualization, big data and more.


@mmcghee and @cbrown explore real world examples on how to move to a hybrid model using Nutanix enterprise cloud platforms and Microsoft Azure, leveraging tools including Windows Azure Pack, System Center and Nutanix Acropolis APIs. Also hear the discussion on future trends and technologies and a walk through best practices to get started. 


This was recorded at Microsoft Ignite 2016 and is available along with others at the Microsoft Ignite YouTube Channel, Check it out today. 



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How to Manually Upgrade the BMC & BIOS

by Community Manager ‎11-05-2016 01:09 PM - edited ‎11-05-2016 01:10 PM (2,822 Views)

Al Harper details the manual process to upgrade the BMC and BIOS of your Nutanix NX nodes.

The following Nutanix Knowledge Base Articles are referenced:
Prism One-Click Firmware Upgrade Guide: https://portal.nutanix.com/kb/3692
How to check BMC firmware and BIOS version of Nutanix node : https://portal.nutanix.com/kb/1262
Nutanix BMC Manual Upgrade Guide: https://portal.nutanix.com/kb/2896
Nutanix BIOS Manual Upgrade Guide: https://portal.nutanix.com/kb/2905



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