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Keeping PRISM up to date with ESXi password changes

The cluster software needs to be able to log into each host as root to perform standard cluster operations, such as mounting a new NFS datastore or querying the status of VMs in the cluster. Therefore, after changing the ESXi root password it is critical to update the cluster configuration with the new password.


Tip: Although it is not required for the root user to have the same password on all hosts, doing so will make cluster management and support much easier. If you do select a different password for one or more hosts, make sure to note the password for each host.
  1. Change the root password of all hosts.
    Perform these steps on every ESXi host in the cluster.
    1. Log on to the ESXi host with SSH.
    2. Change the root password.
      root@esx# passwd root
    3. Respond to the prompts, providing the current and new root password.
      Changing password for root.
      Old Password:
      New password:
      Retype new password:
      Password changed.

      The minimum password length is 8 characters.

  2. Update the root user password for all hosts in the Zeus configuration.
    Warning: If you do not perform this step, the web console will no longer show correct statistics and alerts, and other cluster operations will fail.
    1. Log on to any Controller VM in the cluster with SSH.
    2. Find the host IDs.
      nutanix@cvm$ ncli -p 'admin_password' host list | grep -E 'ID|Hypervisor Key'

      Note the host ID for each hypervisor host.

    3. Update the hypervisor host password.
      nutanix@cvm$ ncli -p 'admin_password' managementserver edit name=host_addr password='host_password' 
      nutanix@cvm$ ncli -p 'admin_password' host edit id=host_id hypervisor-password='host_password'
      • Replace host_addr with the IP address of the hypervisor host.
      • Replace host_id with a host ID you determined in the preceding step.
      • Replace host_password with the root password on the corresponding hypervisor host.

      Perform this step for every hypervisor host in the cluster.

  3. Update the ESXi host password.
    1. Log on to vCenter with the vSphere client.
    2. Right-click the host with the changed password and select Disconnect.
    3. Right-click the host and select Connect.
    4. Enter the new password and complete the Add Host Wizard.
    If reconnecting the host fails, remove it from the cluster and add it again.


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