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How do you change the IPMI Password for a node?


How do you change the IPMI Password for a node?


The cluster software needs to be able to log into the management interface on each host to perform certain operations, such as reading hardware alerts. Therefore, after changing the IPMI password it is critical to update the cluster configuration with the new password.


Tip: Although it is not required for the administrative user to have the same password on all hosts, doing so will make cluster management much easier. If you do select a different password for one or more hosts, make sure to note the password for each host
  1. Change the administrative user password of all IPMI hosts.Product Administrative user
    NX-1000, NX-3050, NX-6000ADMIN

    Perform these steps on every IPMI host in the cluster.

    1. Sign in to the IPMI web interface as the administrative user.
    2. Click Configuration.
    3. Click Users.
    4. Select the administrative user and then click Modify User.
    5. Type the new password in both text fields and then click Modify.
    6. Click OK to close the confirmation window.
  2. Update the administrative user password for all hosts in the Zeus configuration.
    1. Log on to any Controller VM in the cluster with SSH.
    2. Generate a list of all hosts in the cluster.
      nutanix@cvm$ ncli -p 'admin_password' host list | grep -E 'ID|IPMI Address'

      Note the host ID of each entry in the list.

    3. Update the IPMI password.
      nutanix@cvm$ ncli -p 'admin_password' host edit id=host_id ipmi-password='ipmi_password'
      • Replace admin_password with the Prism password for the admin user.
      • Replace host_id with a host ID you determined in the preceding step.
      • Replace ipmi_password with the administrative user password on the corresponding IPMI host.

      Perform this step for every IPMI host in the cluster.

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