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single vcenter managed multi nutanix cluster


single vcenter managed multi nutanix cluster



I want to know if it is supported that 1 vCenter can managed multiple nutanix clusters.


The scenario is as the following:

Nutanix Cluster A---VMware CLuster A--vCenter A

Nutanix Cluster B--VMware Cluster B---vCenter A


Now if the nutanix cluster A need to update, it need to register vcenterA. so if 2 nutanix clusters registered the same vcenterA. Is it any problem when nutanix clusterA does an update or create VMs in prism.

Does it affect another nutanix clusterB because nutanix clusterA will call vcenter and do some actions when it update.




Re: single vcenter managed multi nutanix cluster

Fully supported and I do it in my lab and at customers.  The only complication is that vCenter must be at same or higher release as the ESXi hosts.  As long as vCenter is sized properly, multiple cluster operations are not a problem.


Re: single vcenter managed multi nutanix cluster

Thanks patrbng.


That means the if you do an upgrade for nutanix cluster A and there is no affection for nutanix cluster B even nutanix cluster A call vCenter A to do some operations.


So my understanding is that nutanix cluster A will call vCenter A and the operation will just focus on the nodes(VMware cluster ) in Nutanix Cluster A and no effection to the nodes(vmware cluster) in Nutanix Cluster B.


Is it right for my understanding?