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Nutanix CE installation failed on previously working kit


Nutanix CE installation failed on previously working kit



I can't install Nutanix onto my Dell R710 (which was working in same configuration as what it's in now). It keeps saying "Installation did not succeed." at the end of the installation proecss. Specs as per below;


RAID card: PERC 6/i

SSD: Crucial_CT1024M5 (1TB) (currently being presented as a single disk RAID0 volume)

HDDs: 7 x 300GB SAS in RAID0


2x Quad core Xeons with virtualisation enabled


I've tried the below releases;


ce-2017.05.22-stable < was previously installed and was working in the above config


Please let me know what log files you'd like to see Smiley Happy 


PS the system is reporting that the SSD is showing as a rotational disk as per this articles steps;


I've tried flipping it to a 0 but no luck




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