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New MP for SCOM 2016


New MP for SCOM 2016


I'm wondering if someone can help.

I was running SCOM 2012R2 with the older 1.3.2 MP for Nutanix and all was working fine.

SCOM was then updated tp 2016UR3 and all was working fine.


I then discovered a couple of weeks later that there was a new Nutanix MP for SCOM 2016, and decided to download it.

Part of the instructions said to uninstall the existing MP for Nutanix. This is done using the normal method by deleting the MP form SCOM Administration/Management Packs. So the old MPs were removed.


Then I read down a bit further on the Installation Notes for version 2.0 and it said to uninstall the old Nutanix MP from the Control Panel (Highly unusual from a SCOM perspective). That's when the problems started.


If the Control Panel method is used to remove what is left of the old install of the Nutanix MP it keeps coming up with and error saying that it can't find any install of SCOM on this server, pls re-install SCOM 2012R2. This obviously cannot be done as SCOM is now 2016 on the server.

 Anyway, I tried running the msi for version 2.0 of the MP and it installed fine.

But when trying to connect via IPMI for validation, it comes back with an RPC error that it can't connect. Even though before the MP un-install problem the server was monitoring our Nutanix farm fine.


I'm guessing that the problem is with the corrupted un-install of the old MP.

Is there a registry cleanup that can be done to remove the old MP (1.3.2) settings? (Windows 2012R2)


John Bradshaw


Re: New MP for SCOM 2016

Hi Anyone?



Re: New MP for SCOM 2016

Pls disregard. Decided to re-install Windows/SCOM

Community Manager

Re: New MP for SCOM 2016

Hi @bradje 

Sorry I missed thsi post, I see you reinstalled  windows/scom - did that fix the issue?

Community Manager, Nutanix
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Re: New MP for SCOM 2016