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Migration from Cisco 1000V on vBlock


Migration from Cisco 1000V on vBlock

We are in the process of installing a Nutanix cluster into a vCenter 6.0 environment. We plan to migrate our VMware workload from a vBlock cluster that is currently using a Cisco Nexus 1000V distributed vSwitch. My original hope was to use a Shared Nothing vMotion to migrate VMs online to the Nutanix cluster; however, from what I'm reading the difference in the two distributed vSwitches (Cisco vs. VMware) will prevent a vMotion from succeeding. 


Does anyone have experience migrating workload from a vBlock running a Cisco 1000V to a Nutanix cluster? Is there another method of live migration, or is there a way of convincing VMware to allow the vMotion to a different model of vSwitch?

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Re: Migration from Cisco 1000V on vBlock

Anything you can add here @bbbburns? Thanks 

Nutanix Employee

Re: Migration from Cisco 1000V on vBlock

I haven't tried that exact scenario. Do you have another non-Cisco  vSwitch in the source host you could move this VM to before migration?


All of the cross vSwitch migration documents I can find make no mentioned of the Cisco Nexus 1000V unfortunately.

Jason Burns | CCIE Collaboration #20707 | Solutions Architect | | @bbbburns
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Re: Migration from Cisco 1000V on vBlock

unfortunately i haven't tested this either. Can you check the DB to see that vCenter lists the two 1000v switches with same vendor and version. Check but make sure you don't upgrade (use set command) the version, just browse using moid