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Layer3 migration


Layer3 migration

Hi All,
Has anyone ever moved their layer 3 without having to bring down the cluster?
we are currently in the processes of setting up Cisco N9Ks and they will be our layer 2 and 3 switches. wanted to make sure there are no gotcha's and also if we need to bring down the cluster for any reason.

Phase 1:
Move one  connection per server at a time to the new set of switches, plug Port 1 into switch 1 and Port 2 into switch 2 with LACP enabled.
Phase 2:
Cut over L3 traffic that is currently being servered by the 3750 to the N9Ks 
The Phase 2 is where we are worried and wanted to know if any issues will be raised durring the cut over which would prevent the CVMs from communicating to each other.